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Terms of use

for the web offers of the CBA Synergy GmbH


We coordinate cross-company business processes.

These are the terms of use for all web offers operated by the provider, in particular, and the provider's cloud services.


This website is operated by CBA Synergy GmbH, Annaberger Straße 240, 09125 Chemnitz. The provider's cloud services are hosted on the Microsoft Azure platform. All terms and conditions of the Microsoft terms of use apply, which are supplemented by these terms of use. Should this result in contradicting or different stipulations, the stipulations of these terms of use have priority.By using these web offers and cloud services, you agree to these terms of use. These terms of use also apply if you use the website or parts thereof from other websites / apps.


The content of this website is created with the greatest possible care. However, the provider does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness and timeliness of the content provided.Functional restrictions, warranty and liabilityThese web offers can be used with HTML5-capable browsers. However, different browsers only implement one HTML5 subset, so that the browser can malfunction. Since there are a variety of browsers that cannot all be tested, we accept no guarantee or liability for browser-related errors. We support Google Chrome from version 78.0.3904.70 and Microsoft Edge from version 44.18362.387.0. We strive to ensure full functionality with other browsers, but cannot guarantee this.We use artificial intelligence services e.g. for speech recognition, speech output, search, etc. These systems are learned, but not yet perfect, especially in the German languages. In addition, functionality that is not available in some browsers is sometimes necessary. In addition, some of these services require certain browser settings, which are not always active.We have no influence on the mentioned functional restrictions and on functional restrictions of technical components from other providers. Therefore no guarantee and liability is accepted.

Warranty and liability

Warranty and liability are only assumed for paid services. They are limited to the documented and commissioned scope of services. The maximum liability amount is 3 times the monthly fee for the service concerned.


The provider will endeavor to offer the service as uninterrupted as possible. Even with all due care, downtimes cannot be excluded. He reserves the right to change or discontinue his offer at any time. The provider assumes no liability for interruptions or other disruptions.The provider's cloud services are guaranteed on weekdays between 6:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. CET. The provider can use the times between 8:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m.CET as well as Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays to import new versions and maintain the system without prior information from the customer. Deviating availabilities are to be agreed in writing.

Business hours

The provider provides support and support only during their business hours. The business hours of the provider are on weekdays between 9:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. CET.

Cloud Services subscription

Cloud Services subscription orders are made through the designated marketplaces. When you order the subscription, a user is automatically set up who has all the necessary rights to use, configure and administer the cloud service. He can grant the various rights to other users. All tasks of use, configuration and administration are the responsibility of the customer and are carried out in SelfService.

Dynamic subscription

Subscriptions by flat rate include a maximum number of users, which relate to the customer's authorized users in SelfService. If the number of authorized users exceeds the limit of the flat rate, the system will automatically upgrade to the next higher flat rate. When the maximum number of users of the next low flat rate is reached, the system also downgrades automatically.

Termination of cloud services

Termination of cloud servicesThe termination of the cloud services by the customer can take place without reason at the end of the following month. In addition, termination for important reasons on the part of the provider and the customer are possible.

Authentication of users

Users are authenticated via the authentication service linked to the work area. An internal authentication service is connected as standard. This internal authentication service is a weak authentication service and does not meet the usual security needs of companies. It is only intended for the delimitation of a publicly accessible area with a separate protected area. Liability for damage resulting from the use of this internal authentication system is excluded.We assume that companies want to authenticate users via their internal authentication system in order to offer users a high level of convenience and to reduce the administrative effort.As standard, we offer a connection to Microsoft AAD as secure authentication. Authentication via other standard services such as Facebook, Google or Twitter are possible, but must be integrated for a fee. In addition, we offer the connection of an individual authentication service as part of a small project.



Unless otherwise stated, all prices are net prices and do not include VAT.

Permitted use

These web offers may only be used for the following purposes:

  1. View these web offers,

  2. Contacting the provider,

  3. Registration and use of the protected areas of the website,

  4. Orders from the provider's cloud services and

  5. Use of other functions that are made available on this website.

Any other use of this website without the prior written consent of the provider is prohibited.Duplication, editing, distribution, public reproduction or any other form of use of the content of this website for commercial purposes is prohibited. The use of automated systems or automated software to extract content from this website is also prohibited. Any access to the content of the website is not permitted if it is not via the user interface of the website.

All measures that can interfere with the function of the website are to be avoided. This also includes those that can result in an excessive or unreasonable load on the web offer infrastructure.

Without prejudice to the assertion of other rights, the provider reserves the right to block access to these web offers at any time if these terms of use are violated.

Retention obligations

After expiry of the period of use, CBA Synergy is entitled to continue to hold unused data in consultation with the customer subject to a fee or to delete it after 3 months.

Intellectual property

All copyrights, in particular database, trademark, design and other rights for the protection of intellectual property (as well as the arrangement and presentation of the web offers) lie with the provider or their licensors. Without the prior written consent, you may not reproduce, edit, distribute, publicly reproduce or otherwise use the content of the website or the underlying software code in whole or in part.

Links to other websites

These web offers can contain links to websites / apps of third parties. The provider checked the third-party content when it was linked for the first time to determine whether it triggered possible civil or criminal liability. However, he does not constantly check the content for changes.The provider therefore assumes no responsibility for the content of external websites / apps, nor does he adopt these websites / apps and their content as his own. If he determines or is informed by others that the specific content to which he has provided a link triggers civil or criminal liability, the provider will delete the link.

Legal basis

German law applies exclusively. The place of jurisdiction is Chemnitz. The German version of this document takes precedence over all translations.

Status of the terms of use

Status of the terms of useThe provider adjusts the terms of use to changed functionalities or changed legal situations. He therefore recommends that he take note of the terms of use at regular intervals.

March 2021

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