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Digital specifications and requirements 
for project managers with ambition


Maximize the business value of your project results.


CBA Project

Systematically and cooperatively combine your knowledge, your experience and your creativity with those of the solution providers and thus achieve the decisive competitive advantage. Through the targeted evaluation of commercial, technical and sustainable criteria, you will achieve the maximum impact of your solution.

✔️ constructive cooperation

✔️ uniform evaluation

✔️ systematic problem solving

✔️ AI support

Our partners in science

Gerrit Raddatz
Logistics, Production and Project Manager and Founder of CBA Synergy

"In projects, experts from a wide variety of companies with specific performance shares work together, and their work must be coordinated. Organizing and coordinating collaboration is more than just sharing information and accessing a common data container. New service offerings must produce high-quality solutions because they create greater business value. Sustainability in terms of nature conservation, energy balance, economical use of resources, and fair working and living conditions is becoming increasingly important."


Without CBA Project you are missing out


It is almost impossible to describe your requirements and specifications completely, without contradictions and factually correct at the first attempt? Your procurement processes take too long!

You have to rethink the facts in the offer phase and correct and supplement your requirements? This leads to enormous coordination efforts for you and your service partner.

The general conditions change in the middle of the project? That throws your plan off course!

It is rarely possible to enquire about more than three providers? So you don't look far enough outside the box!

No one has the time or inclination to read over-dimensioned specifications and requirements documents. What a waste!

It takes too long to make well-founded decisions? Your offers expire, you create duplication of effort and your project does not progress!

Your advantages with CBA Project

Create your specifications in no time at all. The AI supports you in this.

Work cooperatively with your service partner to find more intelligent solutions together more quickly.

Communicate changes flexibly and transparently. Your service partners can react immediately and without coordination effort.

Reach as many providers as you like with your request. You receive more constructive proposals and better prices.

Complete the bidding phase quickly by evaluating requirements and specifications semi-automatically.

select the solution with the highest business value with the help of AI and thus convince superiors and customers and significantly accelerate the decision-making process.


Product Features



With the business value as a transparent parameter, you evaluate the benefit of your solution over its entire life cycle.



Benefit from the cooperative process between requester and supplier, answer queries and pass on information to suppliers in a non-discriminatory manner in accordance with law.


and transparency


Define your evaluation criteria, evaluate their fulfilment semi-automatically and check all required evidence.

Knowledge and


Increase your innovation speed by combining your knowledge with that of your service partners. Cooperative collaboration gives you a real competitive advantage.



Create your requirements specification with the help of pre-configured templates. In this way, you can create the perfect specifications and exchange information with your service partners in a targeted manner. 




From the project start letter, solution finding with the help of various dialogue functions, to the creation of a digital requirements specification and the semi-automated decision-making basis and status reports, everything is included.



Draw requirements, use cases, parameters and evaluation criteria from your knowledge base in a semi-automated way to create a meaningful requirements specification right from the start.


Lessons learned 
and Proof of 

Evaluate and document the service provision with final learning and make your knowledge available for follow-up projects.


Is a Requirements Management Tool worthwhile for me?

A requirements management tool offers clear advantages for its users. If you meet one or more of the following criteria, a supplychain-management tool is also a worthwhile investment for you, your team, and your company:

You want to describe your requirements completely, without contradictions and factually correct?

You want to create a real competitive advantage.

You don't have time to read over-dimensioned specifications and want to complete your planning and tendering phase more quickly.

You have had enough of misunderstandings and coordination difficulties in cooperation while working with other companies.

You want to become more innovative and broaden your horizons.

Your ultimate goal is to find the best solution for you, your customers and your company.

Would you like to learn how you can solve your business challenges with the help of a requirements management tool Then book your personal consultation now. Free of charge and without obligation.

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