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We redefine project success!

The success of a project is more than just time-scope-budget. The decisive factor is the quality of the solution, which has an effect over the entire life cycle. That is why we systematically, non-discriminatorily and cooperatively accompany and develop the customer requirements profile (specifications) with the suppliers (requirements specification), evaluate the business value and form the basis for the decision for the selection of the project solution.

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Gerrit Raddatz
Logistic-, Project Manager and Founder of CBA Synergy

In projects, experts from a wide variety of companies with specific service shares work together and their work must be coordinated. Organising and coordinating collaboration is more than sharing information and having access to a common data container. New service offerings must produce high quality solutions, because they create greater business value. Sustainability in terms of nature conservation, energy balance, economical use of resources and fair working and living conditions is becoming more important.


Business Value

Integration of business value as a comparison and quality criterion for solution quality and its sustainable impact over the life cycle.

Cooperative requirements management

The cRM forms the basis for the description and comparison of individual performance. At least 1 evaluation criterion per customer requirement is collected and queried.

Comparability and transparency

The business value represents a comparison and quality criterion for the solutions offered. It includes commercial, technical and sustainability criteria.

It thus forms a transparent and objectified basis for decision-making when selecting the best solution.

Knowledge and innovation

The combination of knowledge bases from CBA Compendio and the cooperative development of solution ideas on the basis of customer requirements results in a higher speed of innovation through different perspectives and thus the decisive competitive advantage for your individual project.

Lessons Learned and Proof of Performance

Evaluate and document the service delivery with final learning and make your knowledge available for follow-up projects.

Extract requirements

Add new requirements from your CBA Compendio research and supplier discussions to your project with a click.

This way you achieve more targeted, complete and consistent requirements profiles.

Workflow principle

We accompany you from the project kick-off letter, through the solution-finding process using creativity techniques, the creation of digital specifications, decision-making bases and status reports, right up to the successful completion of the project.


Use templates and the pre-configured requirements process as a basic framework for the rapid creation of requirements and the structured and parallel exchange with a large number of suppliers.

What can you expect in the future?

Further development

all our features and offers are continuously developed together with our customers

Use cases

With the number of use cases, the experience and knowledge grows. They will be made available to all users of CBA Project without sharing the creator's proprietary information with third parties.

AI evaluation algorithm

Our goal is to support you with semi-automated evaluation of key factors (commercial, technical, sustainable) as well as with the search and selection of suitable problem solutions and suppliers for your project. So that you have more time for designing your solution.

Active exchange

Support us in our vision "to realise the best solutions for individual projects in terms of sustainability through cooperative collaboration".

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