We are revolutionizing order-based supply chains.

CBA Coordinator

We are revolutionizing order-based supply chains.


More than half of our industry is order-driven. This means that supply chains have to be formed a new for each new order. It must be defined which service partners have to provide which service, when, how and where. 


But it is not only commercial features that are decisive here. At the latest since the Supply Chain Act came into force, criteria such as sustainability, fair working and living conditions, and economical use of resources have become an essential part of supply chains.  

CBA Coordinator is a cloud-based supply chain management (SCM) software that helps you coordinate multi-level supply chains. Start by creating all possible supply chains, compare them in terms of content and scheduling, optimize possible bottlenecks in advance and finally monitor the delivery. We also evaluate your suppliers according to delivery reliability, quality and sustainability criteria. In this way, you will be able to optimize your own adherence to delivery dates, throughput times and your complaint rate.


Saxon Ministry of Environment

Excerpts from the letter of the eku innovativ future award

"The right point for the active implementation of sustainability goals is the formation of supply chains. Sustainability goals can be implemented very efficiently through appropriate supplier selection, the associated minimization of transport costs, the fair treatment of employees and the selection of sustainable manufacturing technologies. [...] There is practical support for supply chain law efforts."

Product Features


Form and align
supply chains

In the bidding phase, the possible supply chain variants are formed and the optimal one is determined. This is reconciled between all the companies involved. The determined supply chain is feasible and stable.



Coordinate and 
monitor supply

In the execution phase, the deviations from plan are identified and their impact on the entire supply chain is determined. This forms the basis for a targeted control intervention in the supply chain.



Risk analysis

By using risk as a standardized assessment benchmark, we can analyze the weak points that arise, for example, as a result of manufacturing, logistics or organizational processes, identify potential sources of danger and intervene proactively.




The priority determines the order and production sequence in the company. Therefore, we use this as a uniform control variable to identify possible corrective measures in terms of reprioritization as needed.  




We implement sustainability criteria, such as environmental protection, energy balance, economical use of resources, and fair trade, in the supply chains.



Supplier rating


Suppliers are evaluated according to delivery reliability and quality. The early and reliable provision of information has a positive effect and helps to avoid problem situations or to react flexibly to them. 


Preservation of
company autonomy

We only process information authorized by the companies. The company's autonomy over internal decisions is thus fully preserved.



Active bottleneck

In the event of delivery delays, bottlenecks can be avoided, for example, by using other transport routes or requesting a production shift at short notice.


Product Development

Further development

All our features and offerings are continuously developed together with our customers.


Connections of
supplier networks


By connecting supplier databases and marketplaces, you can easily contact more than 3 companies, get quotes and optimize the supply chain. 


AI rating


We are continuously developing the evaluation algorithm with industry and research to realize fast, robust and sustainable supply chains.




Becomes a success factor in the value chain, e.g. within the framework of the Supply Chain Act, and does not have to be more expensive than previous solutions.