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Dynamic supply chain management
for contract manufacturers with a strong customer focus


Optimize collaboration with your performance partners through intelligently coordinated, sustainable supply chains.


CBA Coordinator

Ensure maximum customer satisfaction. Create and coordinate your multi-level supply chains faster than ever before - reliably, sustainably and flexibly. Create a win-win-win situation for you, your customers and your employees.

✔️ shorter offer cycles

✔️ reliably deliver

✔️ avoid bottlenecks

✔️ work together cooperatively

Saxon Ministry of Environment
Excerpts from the letter of the eku innovativ future award

"The right point for the active implementation of sustainability goals is the formation of supply chains. Sustainability goals can be implemented very efficiently through appropriate supplier selection, the associated minimization of transport costs, the fair treatment of employees and the selection of sustainable manufacturing technologies. [...] There is practical support for supply chain law efforts."

Our partners in science


Without Coordinator you are missing out

Your customers and the government are demanding sustainability in the supply chain.

Are you prepared for this?

You have no insight and control over the upstream processes and suppliers. That means you become the plaything of the supply chain!

For individual customer requirements you have to integrate new components and source and compare suppliers. A time-consuming process every time!

The planning and quotation phase does not add value. It has to be done faster!

You spend a large part of the implementation phase on troubleshooting or escalation meetings. Expensive contractual penalties loom!

High delivery risks and bottlenecks appear seemingly out of nowhere? The punctual completion of the project is in danger!


Your advantages with CBA Coordinator

Fulfil your social responsibility as an entrepreneur and guarantee sustainability and fair working and living conditions in your supply chains.

Create robust and flexible supply chains and adapt them to the current situation at any time.

Find new suppliers for your specific needs and list yourself as a supplier to be found by potential customers.

Significantly shorten your planning and quotation phase, increase added value and concentrate fully on your core competence.

Automatically monitor the entire supply chain without violating the autonomy of individual suppliers.

Achieve optimal lead times and thus deliver reliably and on time.


Product Features

Form and compare supply chains

Form all possible supply chains across all participating companies in the bidding phase and determine the optimal variant. The identified supply chain is feasible and stable.


Coordinate and 
monitor supply 

Identify discrepancies in the supply chain at an early stage and intervene in a targeted manner.


Risk analysis


Analyse the risk in your supply chain. Find weak points that can occur in processes and intervene proactively.



Use priority as a uniform parameter to identify possible corrective measures in terms of reprioritisation. 




Implement sustainability criteria such as environmental protection, energy balance, economical use of resources and fair trade in your supply chains.

Supplier rating


Rate your suppliers according to delivery reliability and quality or collect positive ratings yourself. The transparent rating system helps you to find the best supplier and to be commissioned as a supplier yourself.

Preservation of
company autonomy

When using CBA Coordinator, you only process authorised information. Each link in the chain decides for itself which information to disclose. Internal company decisions remain unaffected.

Active bottleneck 


Avoid delivery bottlenecks by reacting to delays at short notice. For example, influence the transport route or request a production shift.


Is a Supplychain-Management-Tool worthwhile for me?

A supplychain-management tool offers clear advantages for its users. If you meet one or more of the following criteria, a supplychain-management tool is also a worthwhile investment for you, your team, and your company:

You want to complete your projects without difficulties and finally say "bye, bye delivery bottlenecks".

You want to live up to your social responsibility, make your processes and supply chains

assessable and more sustainable.

You want to minimise and avoid risks.

You want to shorten your supply cycles and deliver reliably.

You want to find new suppliers for your individual projects.

You want to be found as a supplier and generate new customers.

You want to meet the increasing demands of individual contract manufacturing in competition.

Would you like to learn how you can solve your business challenges with the help of a supplychain management tool? Then book your personal consultation now. Free of charge and without obligation.

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