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Cooperative knowledge management
for project managers with brains


Inspire clients and users with innovative and sustainable solutions.


CBA Compendio

Knowing how is the key to success. Use the strengths of different information sources, combine the potential of experiences, opinions and ideas of your project team and your project partners and lead your project to success. 

✔️ control the flood of information 

✔️ easily usable knowledge

✔️ integrate your team

✔️ learn from project experiences


Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Knowledge Management
with CBA Compendio

online product demo cba compendio.webp
Prof. Dr. Heinrich Herre
Expert for ontologies, knowledge management and AI at the University of Leipzig

“I have gained a good impression of the system, as well as of the conception of a well thought-out, AI-supported problem-solving process. All fundamental issues related to knowledge and knowledge utilization are addressed here. From my point of view other approaches are more superficial , because important points are always left out. For me, Compendio in particular is a brilliant achievement, as all the crucial points for knowledge-based problem solving have been elaborated."

Our partners in science


Without CBA Compendio you are missing out


No one writes down good ideas or conversation topics. They are lost forever!

Outdated information leads you astray. This endangers your project success.

Unnecessary information makes your filing system super cluttered.

Your numerous and sometimes contradictory sources of knowledge overwhelm you.

The individual departments and team members do not exchange their knowledge.

So, there is no common progress.

If  employees leave, they takes valuable knowledge with them.

The training of new employees costs a lot of time and nerves.

Your advantages with CBA Compendio

Creative ideas, valuable impulses from outside and experiential knowledge are preserved and made usable for all users.

You are always up to date. All contents of the knowledge management tool are checked for quality and relevance.

Summarise your knowledge for others, structure it thematically and find it again easily at any time.

reference and store knowledge and make it available to your project teams, departments or your entire company in a targeted manner. 

Onboarding new employees becomes a walk in the park.


Product Features


Research information in various knowledge sources and store it in a structured way in CBA Compendio for quick and convenient access.


Evaluate publications, opinions, ideas and comments for quality and relevance to your project.

Dialogue functions

Use brainstormings, discussions and Q&As to gather opinions and experiences ad hoc, to save them long term and make them usable.


Summarise content in such a way that the relevant information can be seen at a glance. Because not everyone has the time to read 70 PDF pages.


Check publications for content quality in the editorial process. Good solutions only come from high-quality knowledge!

search algorithm

Let our continuously developed AI algorithm support you in your search for relevant knowledge and thus ensure the quality of information.

Access control

Control who can see and share your knowledge. 


Track your most important topics and get a notification when there are updates.

CBA Compendio Subscriptions

CBA Compendio


· Use to up to 10 users

CBA Compendio



· Use to up to 10 users



+ Implemantation support

for 2000,- EUR *** (one time)

* monthly, without VAT  -  ** instead of 299,- EUR monthly, without VAT  -  *** includes: Participation in training for up to 10 users (training package 1+2) + First-Step-Support (duration: 1 month) for 2000,- EUR (one time) instead of 3000,- EUR

Is a knowledge management tool worthwhile for me?

A knowledge management tool offers clear advantages for its users. If you meet one or more of the following criteria, a knowledge management tool is also a worthwhile investment for you, your team, and your company:

You want to create disruptive innovations.

You don't just want to participate in technological development, you want to lead it!

You want the knowledge of tomorrow today.

You want to build up your next generation of specialists yourself.

Efficiency is a matter of course for you.

You want to make well-founded decisions faster.

You want to outperform the competition.

You want to develop a fruitful error culture.

You want to make onboarding easy and fast.

Your ultimate goal is to find the best solution for your clients and yourself.

Would you like to learn how you can solve your business challenges with the help of a knowledge management tool? Then book your personal consultation now. Free of charge and without obligation.

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