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Our CBA Compendio is a knowledge management system for general, project-specific and personal knowledge. We give our users the possibility to research, organize, and evaluate knowledge in a project-specific manner and to further develop it in the team and across companies via the natural solution development process. We do this with the goal of combining the explicit and implicit knowledge of the users and turning volatile information into long-term available knowledge for the users.

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Prof. Dr. Heinrich Herre
Expert for ontologies, knowledge management and AI at the University of Leipzig

“I have gained a good impression of the system, as well as of the conception of a well thought-out, AI-supported problem-solving process. All fundamental issues related to knowledge and knowledge utilization are addressed here. From my point of view other approaches are more superficial , because important points are always left out. For me, Compendio in particular is a brilliant achievement, as all the crucial points for knowledge-based problem solving have been elaborated. "



Research the necessary information in various knowledge sources such as the internet and internal company document management systems. Store the information in a structured way in Compendio so that you can use it to find a solution.


Evaluate publications, opinions, ideas and comments according to their quality and relevance to your project.

Combine explicit and implicit knowledge

Through the natural working method of brainstorming, discussion, questions and answers, your opinions and experiences are combined with available knowledge, and made available for finding solutions and secured in the long term. 


Create a summary of the researched knowledge with the information that are truly relevant for you and other readers.


- Not everyone has the time to read 70 pages of PDF and extract the relevant information! -


Follow your most important topics and get a notification when there are updates.

Access control

Every piece of knowledge has an owner. The owner determines who is allowed to see the knowledge and which knowledge others are allowed to share.

The knowledge pyramid controls the dissemination of information and thus enables a learning effect through generalisation and reuse of knowledge.

AI Search Algorithm

Our continuously developed AI algorithm supports users in their search for relevant knowledge and in ensuring the quality of information.

Information quality

Publications are reviewed through the editorial process, checked for information quality and classified for the user. High-quality knowledge is the only source of high-quality solutions.

What can you expect in the future?

Further development

all our features and offers are continuously developed together with our customers

Additional knowledge bases

Together with our partners, we are working on the implementation of generally available and subject-specific knowledge bases. These form a systematic basis for project work.

AI-supported knowledge structuring

Our goal is to extract terms and contexts from knowledge and store them in a structured way. On this basis, computer-aided conclusions can be drawn, evaluations developed and decisions prepared. The CBA Compendio becomes an intelligent assistance system

Creativity techniques

Additional creativity techniques can generate decisive added value in the context of finding solutions.

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