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One step ahead of the competition –
innovative software as a service solutions for entrepreneurs and managers with vision


Leverage unique synergies through coordination and achieve extraordinary opportunities for your business.

Fully exploit the optimization potential of cross-divisional collaboration! We know how to do it. Through the targeted use of our products, you create undreamt-of advantages for yourself.

✔️ coordinated action

✔️ faster reactions

✔️ active exchange of knowledge and experience

✔️ leaner business processes

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Knowledge Management
with CBA Compendio

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Dr. Helmut Geilert
Founder and IT Manager of CBA Synergy GmbH

Our solutions were born in practice. Incredible synergy effects and potential benefits have emerged, which we want to make widely applicable. Important projects were:

  • At a renowned shoe manufacturer, the lead time of the international supply chain was reduced by 50% through coordination with suppliers and targeted coordination of production and logistics processes. This led to a 30% increase in turnover.

  • In a product development process in the fashion industry with 7 companies in 5 countries, time-to-market was reduced by 20% through early knowledge exchange and active coordination of the individual sub-processes. A not unimportant side effect was a reduction of sample production by 70%.

  • During the introduction of a planning system at an international logistics provider in 15 countries, a uniform conceptual basis and the discussion and coordination of the various local planning processes made it possible to create a uniform international planning system without negating the national peculiarities. By integrating ideas and innovations from all participants, the business processes could be streamlined and the effort reduced by 35%."

Our partners in science


Our solutions


We offer you three software solutions that build on each other, which are characterized by new concepts and coordinated cooperation. All this beyond the boundaries of your company.  

CBA Compendio

A knowledge management system for projects in which you research project-relevant knowledge in various knowledge sources and combine it with the experiences, opinions and ideas of your team. It forms the basis for finding solutions together with your project partners. Better solutions through cooperation.

CBA Project

A system for defining your requirements for the desired project solution in digital form. It enables a digital dialogue with the providers and thus leads to fewer misunderstandings and better solutions. The fulfilment of requirements by the providers is objectively evaluated and supports the decision-making process considerably. Faster, more objective and more transparent thanks to AI support.

CBA Coordinator

A supply chain management system for contract manufacturers that can also handle multi-stage and variable supply chains. Different solution options are evaluated and the optimal variant is determined. Potential bottlenecks can be identified at an early stage through cooperative collaboration and thus effectively defused. Robust, transparent and effectively controllable supply chains through coordination.



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