We coordinate cross-company business processes.

We create synergies.


With our cloud applications, you find the optimal project solution and coordinate your multi-level supply chains.


Coordinated and cooperative beyond your own company boundaries - this is how you achieve sustainable success!


What can we do for you?

Project managers face new challenges every day.


Acquire knowledge, share it with project partners and you are responsible for an efficient knowledge transfer within the planning phase.

The cross-company work of the project partners must be coordinated as well as the resources: time, own employees and the budget are to be monitored.

The search for reliable suppliers, new criteria such as sustainability and fair working conditions, bundles unimagined capacities, which are in better hands in the substantive solution finding or the operational business.

And by the way, the budget should rather be undercut, the ideal solution should be built and the schedule should be kept.

Such a stressful project. There's little time for content-related questions, for improvements and real innovations. That's a shame, because that could be a good way to move a company forward, right?

We help you create your knowledge base for your specific project, develop a better solution with your partners and coordinate supply chains more intelligently together. So that you have more time for the essentials and can create something that offers added value in terms of efficiency, innovation and sustainability over the entire life cycle.

With our software applications from the cloud, enterprise networks can achieve the speed, performance and professionalism of large companies without losing flexibility. This creates significant competitive advantages: the speed of innovation increases, value creation is enhanced and sustainability is improved.


Our applications are offered according to the "Software as a Service" model. Easy to use and easily accessible for all companies: Sign up and use. No hardware procurement, no installation, no importing of new versions and a lot of support at work. The subscription model includes a complete package: hardware, network, security technology and software. More performance and less of your own effort at an attractive price. 

Focus your knowledge, implement projects more efficiently and coordinate your supply chains. Book your personal consultation now and we will show you how you can use our applications for your project.

Our products

CBA Compendio

Knowledge management for your project:

Research, organize and evaluate project-specific knowledge.

Make it available to other users in a targeted and long-term manner. Effortlessly, organically and during daily work.

CBA Project

Your digital requirements and specifications:

Develop your project solution step-by-step, in a coordinated and cross-company manner, compare different approaches, create a basis for decision-making and achieve the greatest possible business value for your company.

CBA Coordinator

Intelligent supply chain management:
Coordinate multi-level supply chains. Make scheduling and content comparisons, optimize possible bottlenecks at the beginning and monitor the delivery. Increase on-time delivery, improve lead times and minimize the number of complaints.